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 MaRe       Microarray Retriever

This tool enables batch retrieval of microarray data matching your search criteria from the seas of data in GEO and ArrayExpress microarray repositories. You can search on accession numbers (GSE, GDS, AE_ACCN, PMID), authors, species, dates, platforms or on keywords of unspecified type. On authors and keywords you can search both in the databases' annotation and in literature abstracts.
Click on the help below for concise help. Full documentation of this tool is available here.

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MaRe tool developed on initiative of Peter-Bram 't Hoen, LUMC, Leiden
Programming & design by Alexander Ivliev (MSU, Moscow) and Bernd Brandt (IBIVU, Amsterdam)

When using this tool, please cite:
Ivliev AE, 't Hoen PA, Villerius MP, den Dunnen JT, Brandt BW (2008). Microarray retriever: a web-based tool for searching and large scale retrieval of public microarray data. Nucleic Acids Res. 36(Web Server issue):W327-31.

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